Bathrooms are among the most common areas in any office or home in need of cleaning, and no area in your office requires daily attention more than the bathrooms.  We scrub and clean them every day using non-toxic, green cleaning materials that leave them spotless and hygienically clean.

In addition to cleaning the toilets and sinks and washing the floor, our bathroom cleaning personnel will check drains and pipes to be certain they won’t back up. Our personnel are instructed to report to their supervisors all leaks and dripping faucets so they can be reported to the client immediately. We also make certain the bathrooms are stocked with sufficient soap, towels and toilet tissue.

It is essential to keep your bathrooms clean and well-maintained at all times to avoid problems. Since bathrooms are exposed to hair, soap, and other residues, it can be very easy for the pipes and drains to clog. Leaky pipes, faucets, and showers can also be a cause for concern, making it very important to have maintenance checks carried out periodically.

TMG Cleaning Services Professionals Will Ensure Your Connecticut Office’s Bathroom is Spotless

Did you know that bathroom cleaning isn’t quite as easy as it sounds? Hiring a professional cleaning service such as TMG Cleaning Services guarantees that the bathrooms are spotless and all health precautions to reduce germs have been taken. Maintaining a bathroom involves many skills and tools – which our trained cleaning crews have so they can deliver the level of cleanliness you want and is a reflection of your home or company’s attention to detail and quality. Our specialists are well-trained and experienced to handle the problems related to your bathroom.

At TMG Cleaning Services, we use only non-toxic, green materials. Our trained personnel pay special attention to bathrooms and are trained to not ignore leaks but immediately report leaks and dripping faucets. In addition, we make certain the bathrooms are stocked with soap, towels and toilet tissue.